Title services

LFS employs experienced title specialists who diligently research all public record data bases, including County Clerk, District Clerk and Public Works records, for accurate determination of property ownership, and compile comprehensive reports reflecting the history of each subject property. These professionals craft each report per the requests of the client (e.g. a focus on surface ownership, applicable easement crossings, current lienholders, and/or any other encroachments affecting right-of-ways). Preparations can include Limited Title Certificates from courthouse records for vesting, marketability, and updates, chain of title, tax certificates, and property maps depicting subject lands. No matter the ownership complications that might arise, the LFS title specialists are equipped to prepare a reviewed, accurate title file. 


Survey Permission

Quick access to subject properties is integral to a timely and cost effective project. A knowledgeable, appropriately licensed, and well-trained staff of land ”men” and right-of-way agents expedite contacting the necessary property owners to obtain required permissions. The LFS procedures facilitate permit drawings and plats to be completed expediently for the early phases of the right-of-way acquisition process. 

Inspection services

The LFS experienced, professional team of welding inspectors and welding consultants is diversely certified to inspect pipeline welding, structural steel welding, pressure equipment welding and more.  LFS offers quality program consulting services including quality program implementation, auditing, and welding procedure development. Construction Coordinators, Chief Inspectors, Assistant Chief Inspectors, Certified Welding Inspectors, Welding Inspectors, Safety Inspectors, Utility Inspectors, and Office Clerks are trained and available for any project's needs. 

Real estate services

From appraisals to valuations, LFS provides in-house, certified real estate appraisal and land services. Utilizing the most updated appraisal data, feasibility studies are conducted, ensuring clients envision all facets of a proposed project. Appraisals, inspections, eminent domain representations are readily available.

- Oil & Gas Pipelines, tanks, & stations

- Utility Pipelines

- Electrical Utilities

- Telecommunication Utilities

- State and local roadways

- Railroads

- Wind utilities
- Solar Utilities





Right-of-way acquisition

LFS values the trust placed by clients to conduct negotiations on their behalf. Every LFS agent is coached to professionally represent the client with the utmost character and integrity during negotiations to establish a long-lasting impression of goodwill for each project. These permitted and licensed agents are experts in preparing and filing all necessary city, county, and state permits and documents for a given project and client. 


Project Documentation

LFS documentation procedures are structured to guarantee the clients always have the latest and most accurate data required to properly manage and oversee a right- of-way acquisition project. As a product of years of experience, the LFS line list format ensures all data is conveniently organized, constantly updated, and easily sharable amongst all properties vested in the documentation process. Daily and/or weekly progress reports may also be prepared for each phase of a given project. 

Project management

Through highly competent and highly experienced project managers, LFS offers the relief to all clients of the need to continuously be onsite during a project process. Regardless of the project’s scale, LFS project managers are skilled to fulfill all of the tasks associated with managing a successful project. 

- Right-of-way acquisition

- Project Management

- Inspection Services

- Hydrostatic testing

- Real Estate Services

- Title Services

- Survey Permission

- Project Documentation
- Feasibility Studies

- Consulting Services

- Construction Support

- Federal, State, & Local  Permitting

- Records Management

- Due diligence services

- AFE preparation

- Safety & operator testing

- Drug & Alcohol Testing

- Pipeline rehabilitation

- Pipeline repair

- Pipeline relocation

- And more!
Feasibility studies

With years of experience, LFS is capable of locating and suggesting the most feasible route for right-of-way projects. Using existing maps and all available resources, LFS develops a comprehensive knowledge of an area to determine the most suitable route. Through Google Earth, tax data overlays, and comparable projects/routes, the feasibility of a project can be refined via route selections, labor cost estimates, acquisition cost estimates, and milestone estimates to verify that clients may confidently determine a project’s viability. 

Construction support

From AFE proposals to special provisions to damage claims, LFS deploys great care to assure no additional delays or expenses during project construction. Refined Construction Provision Manuals compile a list of all landowners and permitting agencies and include copies of all special provisions and permits related to each tract. To promote finessed and expert completion, all relevant details are provided to the right personnel so that all parties receive timely notifications, settle claims appropriately, and detail as-built/cleanup reports. 


LFS has established a reputation for delivering extensive expertise in a wide range of services, including, but not limited to, Right-of-Way Acquisition, Project Management, Inspection Services, Real Estate Services, Title Services, Survey Permission, Project Documentation, Feasibility Studies, Construction Support, and more. The expertise within these services extend to oil and gas pipelines, electric and other utility lines, fiber optic cabling, water and sewer lines, highway, street and other road construction, private and public utilities, wind and solar arrays, and relocation projects. LFS is also equipped with a variety of inspectors, safety operators, due diligence experts, and licensed real estate appraisers and brokers. 

Honesty, commitment, quality